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At Help Your Being, we focus on balancing and healing with our unique range of massage therapies. You're invited to tread on the path to true wellness, with an experienced therapist well trained to understand your needs, and to deliver dedicated service. Experience the goodness of Help Your Being and restore vitality!




Massage therapy benefits people of all ages and can do you a world of good. Be it a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension, relief from pain, improve circulation. A massage enhances physical and emotional wellness for better quality of life.

You're invited to explore the variety of treatments that are offered, providing you with the best ways to relax, unwind and feel energized and alive.

Lymphatic Drainage
Deep Tissue

Massage Treatments

60 minute custom massage treatments are $110 an hour. ($65 for seniors 65 and over)
Package deals also available

Help Your Being aims to serve as a quiet getaway, for clients wishing for a reprieve from the constant bustle of modern life. Susan is an experienced massage therapist whose specialties include Oncology, Geriatric, Prenatal, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. During soothing bodywork sessions, she uses a medley of techniques to help clients get rid of chronic muscle aches, and calm frayed nerves. Each session is customized to respond to the client's specific concerns, focusing on areas of the body that require the most care and attention.

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5373 Village Rd, Suite B
Long Beach, CA 90808
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5373 Village Rd, Suite B
Long Beach, CA 90808

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